New Zealanders have overwhelmingly told the Government that they don’t want plain packaging of tobacco products. That’s the outcome of the Ministry of Health’s consultation on plain packaging with results uploaded on the Ministry’s website

“It would be hard going for anyone to claim that there is a majority in favour of this proposal when the Ministry received over 11,852 submissions clearly opposed to the plain packaging proposal,” says Roger Bull, Chairman of the New Zealand Association of Convenience Stores.

“While we accept that there was some support for the Ministry’s proposal with 8,291 submissions in favour, they were outnumbered by over 3,500 people that said NO to plain packaging.

Key Points:

  • 3,242 retailers said “I say no to plain packaging”
  • 7,543 individuals said “I oppose plain packaging – won’t stop people smoking”
  • 874 individuals signed a postcard “I say no to plain packaging”
  • 33 retailers wrote letters opposing plain packaging
  • 160 Adult smokers opposed plain packaging
  • NZACS has also found numerous examples of multiple submissions in the Ministry’s list of substantive submissions supporting plain packaging that are from the same author indicating concern with the Report that the Ministry has sent up to Cabinet.

    “We will be writing to the Government about these concerns,” says Mr Bull.

    “Our hope is that Cabinet will see that after an extensive consultation period New Zealanders have sent a clear message that plain packaging is not wanted,” Mr Bull said.